Give to the Max Toolkit

Your help is needed to promote!
Getting the word out is critical, and sharing on social media is really effective. This page will give you the tools you need to promote Give to the Max Day for Eagan High School Forensics Boosters. 

What you can do:
  • Download images to share on your social networks from the Toolkit. Below you will find images for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Scroll a bit further, and you'll also find sample text to use for posts.
  • Share on social before and on November 14. Even though Give to the Max Day is November 14, people can actually start giving on November 1. Promoting the event before November 14 will mean more gifts before November 14 and on Give to the Max Day. 
  • Share on Insta, Twitter, Facebook—wherever you can. Even if you don’t typically post on Facebook, but you are friends with your family’s friends, let them know they can support your team by supporting Eagan Forensics. 
  • Include a link to with your posts, even if a caption doesn’t allow live links. 
If you want to go bigger, create your own fundraising page by going to our GiveMN page and selecting the big FUNDRAISE button. You can use images from the Toolkit below (scroll down to Fundraising Page Tools at the bottom of this page) to help you build your page. Or you can use one of your favorite team member! Images should be 770 x 570 pixels. You'll find team logos there, too. Then share your fundraiser several times during the week before and on the day of November 14.

Use these hashtags for Give to the Max Day:

How to download the images below:
  • On a mobile phone, press on an image until you see an option to save it to your device.
  • On a computer, right click on an image and select "Save image as . . ."
For Instagram Posts and Stories

For Facebook and Twitter
The square images in the Instagram section will work fine on Facebook posts, and you can use these images that are optimized for the platform. These images also work well on Twitter. 
Sample Social Posts:
Sample Post before November 18 Let your friends and family know about Give to the Max Day with this text, or a text of your own composition. Choose a photo if you want. Social media posts with photos are more effective. 

It’s almost Give to the Max Day! When you support the Eagan Speech and Debate teams through Give to the Max, you are giving students a voice. Bookmark this address for November 19:  And if it’s more convenient for you to give today, go right ahead! Thank you for your support. 

Sample Post on November 18 Include a photo and use this text or a text you compose. 

Participating in Debate and Speech transforms lives. Students who compete on these teams build confidence, develop critical thinking skills, and find their voice. Tomorrow is Give to the Max Day—a giving holiday in Minnesota. Please support the Debate and Speech teams by making a donation at 

Sample post on November 19 Include a photo and use this text or a text you compose. It's fine to have a few different posts with different photos on Give to the Max Day, as it's very common for organizations to do this on this day.. Your friends may only see one or two of your posts. 

Give students a voice by making a gift to support the Eagan Speech and Debate teams on Give to the Max Day today! Your gift will make Eagan Forensics eligible for “golden ticket” gifts. Please make a gift of any amount now at Thank you! 

Fundraising Page Images 
If you want to set up your own fundraising page for our Give to the Max fundraiser, feel free to use one of these images. If you use your own picture, images need to be 770 x 550 px. Please make sure your own images are supportive of our teams.